Compensation Planning Simplified

Replace hundreds of spreadsheets and countless hours with an intuitive, easy-to-use compensation planning interface built for self-service comp cycles.

Compensation Planning

Designed to help you save time and money


Average reduction in overall labor spent planning and running a review cycle.


Average reduction in review cycle length from planning to cycle completion.


Average amount below budget when managers request comp changes on Assemble

Streamline your compensation reviews


Customizable to your needs

  • Review and adjust salary, bonus, equity, and more
  • Decide which employees are involved in reviews and eligible for adjustments
  • Support one or multiple currencies
Compensation Planning
Compensation Planning


Make informed decisions with ease

  • Automated guidance and recommendations
  • Robust approval workflows
  • Advanced reporting and calibration dashboards


Enable cross-functional collaboration while retaining control

  • Empower managers with guidance, budgets, and intuitive workflows
  • Keep reviews on-track with approvals, audit logs, and HRBP functionality support
  • Guide calibration sessions with Finance and leadership using advanced analytics and reporting
Compensation Planning
Compensation Planning

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