Demystify compensation,
supercharge acceptance rates

Elevate your employer brand and candidate experience with compelling illustrative offers that clearly communicate the full value of your compensation package

Illustrative Offers

Attract top talent with Assemble.

Deliver clear, compelling, and consistent offers for every new hire


Offers that make candidates say “Yes!”

  • Deliver beautiful, illustrative offers customizable to match your brand and compensation program
  • Elevate the candidate experience to stand out against competitors
Illustrative Offers
Illustrative Offers


The perfect offer, in clicks

  • Easy-to-use workflows designed for recruiters and managers
  • Integrated with your ATS and HRIS


Make the right offer, informed by your data and program

  • Ensure offers comply with your compensation program
  • Compare offer terms against existing employees in the same position
  • Control the narrative your recruiters and managers deliver
Illustrative Offers
Illustrative Offers

Discover why leading recruiting teams choose Assemble.

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