Assemble is the world’s first compensation platform designed to empower your teams to attract, retain, and motivate top talent with fair and equitable pay.

The all-in-one platform for better compensation decisions.

High-performing teams are built on Assemble.

Growth-stage startups to enterprise organizations partner with Assemble to modernize their compensation practices for the future of work.

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All your compensation information, in one place.

The future of work demands compensation management that’s operationally sophisticated, takes pay equity seriously, and builds trust with employees. Assemble is a new vision for compensation management that makes it easy for organizations to meet the demands of a changing world.


Define your intent.

Build your philosophy, job architecture, and compensation bands across locations and compensation types


Compare your intent with reality.

Assemble all your people information in one place. Surface insights about your workforce and compensation practice.


Make better compensation decisions.

Empower your teams to make informed decisions, systematically.


Build trust with employees.

Inspire confidence in your practice with consistent decisions.

"Assemble enables us to drive our rapid headcount growth and has been integral in empowering us to grow Kandji’s headcount by 5X in 2021. By providing our leaders with crucial visibility and the ability to self-service, Assemble’s platform is the source of truth at Kandji for workforce decisions, eliminating countless hours of work previously spent on compensation and empowering us to attract and retain top talent as we rapidly scale our business."
Adam Pettit, CEO, Kandji
"Compensation has evolved in the last 5 years. What was table stakes has become an important vector for companies to authentically differentiate themselves on. Many compensation tools are fractured - handling pieces of the system. Assemble’s platform addresses the whole organization, helping leaders make better and more consistent compensation decisions, at a faster clip."
Katy Shields, Chief People Officer, Doordash
“Proud to be an early partner of the Assemble team. Lisa, Enrique and team are thought leaders in the compensation space and are building a great tool for teams to execute fair and equitable pay practices.”
Rachel Kleban, VP People, VSCO

Today’s employees demand more.

Compensation isn’t just a number. It’s a reflection of how you value your people.

We believe that it should be easy for organizations to make better compensation decisions. At Assemble, we define better compensation decisions by our five pillars:

  1. 01


    Fair across positions and locations

  2. 02


    Equitable among employees, regardless of demographic

  3. 03


    Consistent with your organization’s policies and beliefs

  4. 04


    Competitive with your market

  5. 05


    Explainable to your people

We’re building a better future.

One where compensation is fair, equitable, consistent, competitive, and explainable.

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