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The future of compensation is data-driven, technology-enabled, and strategic.
It starts with the People

Your most valuable asset.

How you compensate them is one of the most strategic activities of any organization. We’re guessing you spend hours in complex spreadsheets obsessing over precisely this question. How do we know, you ask?

WE'vE been there

We’ve spent the last 5 years in your shoes.

We’ve been in your position and experienced the struggle firsthand. It's why we're dedicated to building something better for you and your team.

About Our Mission

Let’s fix it

The status quo isn’t good enough.

Today’s compensation practices are error-prone, time-intensive, and produce bad outcomes, even when everyone involved has good intentions. They aren’t purpose-built and they aren’t aligning your leaders.

A New Way

Compensation should be a strategic tool.

What if we told you there’s a better way? A compensation strategy that pays people fairly? What if we told you this solution is simple, elegant, automated, and saves you time?

“Proud to be an early partner of the Assemble team. Lisa, Enrique and team are thought leaders in the compensation space and are building a great tool for teams to execute fair and equitable pay practices.”
Rachel Kleban, VP People, VSCO
“Because of our commitment to fair and equitable pay, we have to be really confident in our system of levels and bands going into any employment offer. With Assemble, we gained more confidence in our system and trust that our offers are fair, equitable, and competitive.”
Shannon Toomey, Recruiting Manager, VSCO
“Managing compensation is a painful, time consuming process and typically a company’s biggest expense item. Assemble allows companies to gain control of compensation decisions and to easily integrate with HR, Finance and Recruiting. I’m impressed that their platform is intuitive and scales with the business. It’s a win for managers and employees by eliminating pain and process, while providing the transparency critical to ensuring pay equity.”
Rob Krolik, Serial public company CFO
“Easy to build things quickly. Navigation is straightforward and simple. If I'm trying to do something, it's dead simple.”
People Operations Manager, Late-stage biotechnology company
“Simple leveling and bands that adjust as your business grows? Wow, that’s compensation nirvana.”
CHRO, publicly-traded technology company
“This is exactly what you want to forward over to the hiring manager. It has all the right elements.”
VP Finance, Midsize SaaS company

Let’s do this together.

Next-generation compensation management. Assembled with building blocks driven by your policies and beliefs.
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