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All of your compensation workflows, all in one place.

Replace hundreds of spreadsheets and countless hours with one single source of truth for your compensation strategy.

Band Management

Make your market data actionable.


Compensation types


Access Control types.


Auditable and compliant.

Align your company to your compensation strategy.


Build & maintain your full talent strategy.

  • Compensation philosophy
  • Job architecture
  • Total compensation bands
  • Location-based policies
Band Management
Band Management


Compare your strategy with reality.

  • Visualize your employee population in real-time
  • Understand how your employees measure up to your compensation strategy and the latest market data
  • Fully integrate your HRIS, ATS, Cap Table, Performance scores, and more


Engage your entire organization.

  • Share your compensation practices with teams outside of HR
  • Robust, role based access controls eliminate data leakage
  • Be as transparent as you want to be
Band Management
Band Management


Accommodate any complexity & scale.

  • Model hundreds of currencies, locations, job architectures, and compensation types
  • Accommodates thousands of employees
  • Retains historical logs
  • Fully compliant and auditable

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