Motivate & retain your employees with increased pay visibility.

Educate your employees on the full value of their total rewards package with personalized, interactive employee portals.

Employee Portal

Motivate your top talent.

Increase employee trust and satisfaction with personalized total rewards portals


Beautiful, interactive, and personalized total rewards portals

  • Complete total rewards picture
  • Model different equity outcomes
  • Enable compensation bands
Employee Portal
Employee Portal


Control who has access and what they see

  • Configure the right level of information you share with employees
  • Automate personalization and access with ease
  • Verify what employees see before granting them access


Trust and confidence, built-in.

  • All total rewards information in one place
  • Updated with real-time data from your HRIS and Cap Table
  • Share the same information across HR, employees, and their managers
Employee Portal
Employee Portal

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