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Make better compensation decisions.

Assemble makes it easy for forward-thinking organizations to build strategic compensation programs, all in one platform.

How Assemble Works

Step 1

Define your intent.

Align leadership around a core set of policies and beliefs.

  • Compensation Philosophy
  • Job Architecture
  • Compensation Bands
  • Location-Based Pay Strategy
  • Transparency Strategy
Step 2

Compare your intent with reality.

Assemble all your people information in one place.

  • Visualize where your human capital investments are going
  • Explore your employee population
  • Identify where your reality deviates from your intentions

Make better compensation decisions.

Easily determine if your people are paid fairly.

  • Measure pay equity proactively in real-time
  • Approve adjustments and promotions
  • Plan for the future

Build trust with employees.

  • Share the right information with the right people
  • Inspire confidence in your practice with consistent decisions
  • Communicate the value of total compensation clearly and beautifully


Assemble is an enterprise-grade platform that grows with you as your business changes.

Extensive and seamless integrations.

Consolidate all your people information in one place by seamlessly integrating with your existing tech stack.

World-class security and privacy.

People information is sensitive. Ensure your organization’s data is handled responsibly with best-in-class data security.

Assemble is built for scale.

Easily make changes in a matter of clicks as your business grows…

  • New benefits and compensation types
  • Changes in equity value and grant types
  • HRIS upgrades
  • Transparency changes
  • Leveling and reorganizations

Let’s do this together.

Next-generation compensation management. Assembled with building blocks driven by your policies and beliefs.

Assemble UI shot