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Powering Mutiny’s Leadership to operationalize a Compensation Strategy to help achieve business goals


About Mutiny

Mutiny is a no-code AI platform that helps marketers convert their top of funnel demand into revenue, without engineers. Mutiny gives marketers everything they need to drive revenue and prove it — from data and analytics to AI-powered recommendations and content writing.


  • No leveling framework across the organization
  • Manual, siloed processes in Excel and HRIS
  • Bands lived in “people’s heads”
  • Employees felt in the dark about compensation approach and career progressions
  • Siloed decision-making
Key Results
  • Shift in Mutiny’s “way of working” from reactively responding to compensation requests to proactively driving its Compensation Strategy forward
  • Standardized job framework that supports current and future headcount
  • System of engagement for Mutiny Leaders to reference and operationalize compensation bands
  • Total Compensation Bands (salary, variable pay, and equity) for all roles based on multiple (4+) market dataset inputs
  • Clearly communicated Compensation Philosophy and career progression to the entire employee population

The Challenge

Before working with Assemble, Mutiny lacked a standardized compensation program to enable growth in their post-Series B evolution.

“Everything was manually done through excel, manually searching through our HRIS, manually checking market datasets for the current expected comp for that role, and playing a lot of guessing games.” (Molly Sornson, Employee Experience at Mutiny)

Job families and compensation bands had been loosely defined for only a subset of roles (e.g., Engineering). However,  there was no consistent leveling structure across the organization, and limited market data to inform all compensation bands.

“Our bands were all in our Co-Founder’s heads and not actually written down anywhere.” (Molly Sornson, Employee Experience at Mutiny)

Finally, employees felt like compensation decisions were ad-hoc and a “black box”, which weakened employees’ trust and confidence in our compensation decisions. Leaders felt this way too since there was no systematic approach for running compensation decisions informed by a coherent philosophy and compensation bands.


Data Agnostic

Mutiny sought a system that would enable them to leverage internally-derived compensation bands based on best-in-class market datasets for salary, variable, and equity data - and across multiple global locations.

Leadership Enablement

Mutiny needed a system that would enable the Co-Founders and business leaders with self-serve access to compensation bands, dashboards, and workflows to make informed decisions


Mutiny wanted something that could be customized to feel specific to its culture and business context. It needed high customization in the job architecture, compensation framework, and employer branding - especially when giving out Illustrative Offers to Mutiny candidates

The solution

To address their Series B growing pains, Mutiny worked with Assemble to operationalize Mutiny’s internal compensation bands based on 4+ market datasets and enable their leaders to make more informed compensation decisions.


Market Datasets


Consolidated unified platform


Partnership Impact

Through an extended partnership with Assemble, Mutiny developed a holistic Compensation Program  and shared it with the entire company.

“We introduced an entirely new leveling framework to the company and shared how they can actually grow at Mutiny.”

Additionally, Mutiny built 100+ total compensation bands (across salary, commission, and equity) based on 4 different datasets as sources of insight to be maintained in Assemble. Mutiny leveraged data from multiple providers to triangulate market rates based on multiple metrics - Funding, Valuation, and Total Employee Size.

“The result was a comprehensive compensation strategy that will support current and future growth ambitions.”

Finally, Mutiny enabled Leaders with self-serve access to the right compensation information,  dashboards, and workflows to conduct compensation review cycles and generate offers for candidates.

Mutiny leaders are now informed and enabled to deliver fair and explainable compensation decisions for their teams

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