Get to Know Us

Lisa Wallace

I grew up on a potato farm in Washington State, and have been in the Bay Area for the past 10 years. Assemble is the best way I can think of to contribute to solving the massive problem that is pay inequity, and I couldn’t be more grateful to be doing it. I enjoy pilates, reading fiction, and salmon fishing with my dad. On the weekends you’ll find me trying to talk my fiancé out of taking me on a hike.

Enrique Esclusa

I was born in Venezuela, and raised in Miami, FL. I've lived between NY and SF over the last 12+ years. After working in finance for the last 10 years, I have become obsessively passionate about making pay equity a reality. I'm a die-hard Miami Heat fan, and am (finally) on the cusp of starting my own vinyl collection.

Ben Chen
Product Manager

I was born in China, grew up in New Jersey, and spent the last 8 years in San Francisco. I love building delightful products and making not-so-good latte art in the mornings. In my free time I’m usually playing indie video games and trying out niche board games. I joined Assemble because nobody should have to suffer through infinite spreadsheets to figure out compensation.

Jeffrey Jorgensen

I adore my wife and kids, and love all things food and the great outdoors. I couldn't be more grateful to design for a living. I was born in Nebraska, and now live in Colorado by way of Phoenix and San Francisco. My goals in joining Assemble are to help build a system to level pay inequity, and to make compensation more transparent. Bring it on.

Joe Peña

I'm originally from Florida and ended up moving to Seattle, on the complete opposite corner of the country (sorry mom).  I’m a big fan of hip-hop and reggaeton so you will always catch me coding while dancing in my seat while I’m working. When I’m not working you can find me tinkering in the kitchen with my wife, binge watching a show, or sharpening my meme-game. Assemble has just begun its journey towards ensuring equitable pay for all and I am very grateful to be here to see it through.

Will Mitchell

I was born and raised in New Hampshire, and I have been building products in the NYC area for most of the last decade. I love to travel with my wife and explore the world through food and drink, now usually with our portie Eloise in tow. I enjoy all types of games and puzzles, from NES to VR and from Carcassonne to crosswords. I joined Assemble because fair and consistent compensation should not only be the default but the only option.

Alice Perez

I'm a beach-loving, East Bay native (born about 40 mins away from San Francisco). Bali is my favorite place I've ever vacationed.

I originally started my career in sales selling to recruiters. Hearing about the hiring process from their perspective and going through it myself, I recognized employee retention practices in tech felt broken. Assemble's mission and vision resonated to me for that reason..

Jacob Marshall

I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, went to school in California, and moved to Seattle a few years ago. Whenever I'm not programming, you'll find me trying to make the perfect pizza, playing some video games, snowboarding (if it's winter), or reading books on programming. I'm extremely proud of Assemble's mission, and I couldn't be more excited to turn Assemble's vision into a reality!

Gaston Aganza

I was born and raised in California’s Central Valley. I have been living in San Francisco the last couple of years with my fiancé and our Golden Retriever, Nora. When I am not entertaining my Golden I am playing video games, cooking, training in martial arts, or scrolling through Reddit. I joined Assemble to help solve issues regarding pay inequality.

Zach Esrig
Customer Success Manager

I grew up surrounded by nature in Oregon but have lived in big cities with two-letter abbreviations ever since. After almost 5 years at McKinsey, I joined Assemble because I’m passionate about finding scalable solutions to eliminate pay inequities. When I’m not playing Wordle, I love to cook, travel, run, and pretend I’m New York City’s next theater critic.

Liza Bieliaieva

I’m originally from Ukraine, spent 7 wild years in Berlin in my 30s, and moved to San Francisco a few years ago to settle down with my husband and son. I believe in cultural diversity, an open world, and community power. I want to magnify the equality and efficiency of our society through Assemble. We all deserve it.

Marc Peckler
Account Executive

I'm Enterprise Account Executive at Assemble with close to 15 years of experience in software sales. I was born and raised in Chicago, went to a Big Ten school, and worked/lived in the Windy City for a decade upon graduating. After a lifetime of cold weather and winters, my wife Molly and I made the decision to improve our lifestyle and moved to Las Vegas by way of Los Angeles. Needless to say, it's been an upgrade!  I am passionate about travel, hiking, golf, great restaurants, the beach and all my Chicago sports teams, especially the Cubs.

Ethan Welty
Customer Success Manager

I grew up in a small Maryland town before moving to North Carolina for college (go Deacs). I am a huge gamer, early tech adopter, and lover of likely too much media.

Before Assemble, I worked in management consulting for payments and fintech companies. Eager to combine my passions for advancing pay equality and a lifelong love of technology, I joined Assemble to ensure organizations are best equipped to solve their compensation challenges.

If you’re interested in helping us solve this problem and make millions of lives better in the process, we want to hear from you.