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Q1 2024 Assemble Product & Content Updates

Q1 2024 Assemble Product & Content Updates
Assemble Content Team

Assemble Content Team

Published on

March 26, 2024


Our focus this past quarter has been on helping you run better comp cycles. We shipped new software features to automate the process for you, published new guides on comp cycles, and hosted a webinar on the evolution of comp cycles. Check them out below!

Product Updates

Merit Guidance & Dynamic Budgeting

We launched customizable merit and budget matrices to help you orchestrate better comp cycles and speed up the process.

Now, you can:

  • Dynamically calculate merit guidance and budgets using employee performance ratings and compa-ratios
  • Reduce the back-and-forth with Finance to calculate and distribute budgets
  • Equip your managers with clear guidelines that simplify their jobs and help them stay on-track

Comp Cycle Calibration Dashboards

We launched dynamic calibration dashboards to help you analyze the effectiveness of your comp cycle.

You can now leverage filters, drilldowns, and real-time data to analyze your pay equity posture, the impact of performance ratings, how you’re distributing your comp cycle budget, and more!

Guides & Blog Posts

We launched three new guides to help you level up your comp cycle programs:


We hosted a webinar to discuss The Evolution of Comp Cycles, moderated by our Co-Founder & Co-CEO Enrique Esclusa with two excellent panelist:

  • David Wallerich (VP of HR Operations at Vectra AI)
  • Niamh Alix (Chief HR Officer at Prime Medicine).

They discussed how comp cycles and practices have evolved over the years and how comp cycles change as organizations evolve from small, private startups to multinational, post-IPO organizations. They even shared some frame and best practices, like “the 5 C’s of Comp Cycles” (Configure, Collect, Collaborate, Calibrate, and Communicate) and how to effectively market your comp cycles to your employees.

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Assemble Content Team

Assemble Content Team

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