Pay Equity & DEI

Walk the talk.

Ensure pay equity with proactive, real-time analytics to power fairer decision-making across your organization.
pay equity and compa-ratio statistics

Data-driven consistency and fairness.

unexpected surprises.
secure and auditable with role-based access control.

Eliminate the guesswork.

Understand and investigate your organization’s pay equity posture in real-time, with Assemble Pay Equity and DE&I.
a cube with surprises
No unexpected surprises
Don’t wait for an annual pay equity audit to identify pay inequities and potential liabilities.
hands holding a heart displaying values
Live up to your values
Ensure your compensation realities match the values set out by your compensation philosophy.
a presentation of analytics
Build trust across your company
Leverage beautifully designed analytics and reporting to communicate your pay equity initiatives to executives, managers, and even employees.

Deliver your vision of equitable pay across your organization.

  • Real-time analytics
  • Fully integrated with your HRIS
  • Visualize historical trends over time
HRIS integrations going into Assemble and showing comp analytics
A graphic showing location data

Optimized for you no matter the location of your team.

  • Accommodates country-by-country pay equity regulations
  • Compliant with global PII laws such as GDPR and CCPA
  • Comparisons across role, location, and other factors

For your eyes only (and anyone else you grant access).

  • Restrict sensitive gender and ethnicity information to certain users
  • Auditability and reporting makes calibration a breeze
  • Easily collaborate with Legal and pay equity auditors
A graphic of a thumbprint and access controls