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Ensure pay equity with proactive, real-time analytics to power fairer decision-making across your organization.

Pay Equity & DEI

Ensure fair and equitable pay with Assemble.


unexpected surprises.




secure and auditable with 
role-based access control.

Eliminate the guesswork.


Deliver your vision of equitable pay across your organization.

  • Real-time analytics automatically refresh daily
  • Fully integrated with your HRIS
  • Visualize historical trends over time
Pay Equity & DEI
Pay Equity & DEI


Optimized for you no matter the location of your team.

  • Accommodates country-by-country pay equity regulations
  • Compliant with global PII laws such as GDPR and CCPA
  • Comparisons across role, location, and other factors


For your eyes only (and anyone else you grant access).

  • Restrict sensitive gender and ethnicity information to certain users
  • Audibility and reporting makes calibration a breeze
  • Easily collaborate with Legal and pay equity auditors
Pay Equity & DEI

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