Pay Transparency Compliance

Put compliance on autopilot.

Continuously comply with dozens of pay transparency laws without additional spreadsheets, needless back and forths, or hiring additional team members. 
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Always covered. Always on.

compliance coverage.

Why Assemble?

New pay transparency laws are getting passed by states and municipal governments all the time. Assemble automates compliance with dozens of pay transparency laws, ensuring eligible organizations are fully compliant without spending countless hours managing complexity or preparing for new requirements.
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Save time and money
Achieve 100% compliance with dozens of pay transparency laws without having to hire additional employees.
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Ensure continuous compliance
No need to keep up with every new law that gets passed. Automatically keep track of legislation that affects your employee population before it goes into effect.
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Actionable insights and reporting
Understand your compliance posture in real-time across dozens of laws and jurisdictions.

The system of record for your compensation strategy.

Build and manage your job architecture, job descriptions, compensation ranges, and employee leveling without a single spreadsheet.
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    State-by-state reporting.

    • One-click exports for CA, IL, and all other mandatory reporting requirements
    • 24/7 monitoring for reporting compliance

    Historical record keeping.

    • Automatically retain historical records for employee compensation and compensation banding
    • Export history at any time
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    Are you prepared for Pay Transparency Laws?