Job Architecture & Compensation Bands

It all starts with a strong foundation.

Better compensation decisions begin with aligning your organization around your compensation strategy and intentions. Assemble is the all-in-one platform for building and maintaining your compensation practice.

Key Benefits


Get out of spreadsheets with clean, intuitive workflows


Align your organization with access to the right information in one place


Make updates and changes in clicks, not hours


Compensation Philosophy

Draft and publish your organization’s compensation philosophy to build alignment around your intentions and drive consistent decisions.

Job Architecture

Design a job architecture that reflects your unique organization, across departments, career ladders, and positions.

Career Pathing

Define your levels and positions to level your organization and guide the career paths of your most important asset: your people.

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Total Compensation Bands

Build total compensation bands informed by Assemble’s proprietary market data or dataset(s) of your choice. Designed for globally distributed teams who reward in cash, equity, bonuses, and other compensation types.

Assemble is Enterprise-ready.

Assemble is built for scale. Easily make changes as your business grows:

  • New benefits and compensation types
  • Changes in equity value and grant types
  • New departments, career ladders, and positions
  • HRIS changes

Built for global teams

Location-Based Pay

Integrates with your tech stack

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Shareable across your organization

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Let’s do this together.

Next-generation compensation management. Assembled with building blocks driven by your policies and beliefs.
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