employee leveling

Org-wide compensation, at your fingertips.

Easily map your existing employees to their career ladder and level within Assemble. Find, explore, and securely share a centralized view of your organization’s compensation alongside important context and policies.

Key Benefits


Simple, easy to use workflows dramatically reduces time to level employees


Rich integrations pull in key people information so you’re never missing important context and data


Powerful workflows replace clunky, disparate spreadsheets that require manual updates


Robust data model unlocks key people insights in real-time, and automatically updates as your business changes


Integrations galore.

Automatically pull in critical contextual data from your tech stack such as manager, total compensation, gender and ethnicity, and more

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Re-org, transfer, promote.

Assign each employee a position and location in your job architecture using Assemble’s intuitive interface, and make edits in clicks as your organization changes

Cut-and-dry compa-ratio.

Find and explore information about your people with important data all in one place.

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Next-generation compensation management. Assembled with building blocks driven by your policies and beliefs.
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