Pioneering equitable compensation in a high-performing culture at VSCO

“Really enjoyed working with the Assemble team as an early partner. An impressive team who thinks and cares deeply about compensation practices that are fair and equitable.”
Rachel Kleban, VP People


  • Comp bands consistent with company policies
  • Time-intensive process
  • Incorporating stakeholder input in the process
  • Deciding how to approach location-based compensation
  • Maintaining multiple, complex spreadsheets

Key Results

  • Greater confidence in comp bands and decisions
  • Reduced time to update compensation bands
  • Increased participation from key stakeholders
  • New approach to location-based compensation
  • Streamlined systems

The Company

VSCO is a mobile app that helps you create beautiful photos and videos right from your phone and offers access to a vibrant global community that inspires creativity and self-expression. As a platform without ads, public likes, comments, or follower accounts, VSCO provides a creative and inclusive space where creators can be themselves and share how they see the world without judgement.

The Challenge

VSCO’s compensation philosophy is built on a commitment to transparency and fair and equitable pay for all employees. This approach has contributed to a strong culture and is a testament to their leadership in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

However, creating policies, updating comp bands, and making compensation decisions that are fair and equitable, while remaining competitive in the market has proven to be a complicated and time-intensive challenge.

The VSCO team required a solution that would allow them to easily maintain and update their policies and compensation bands, garner support from key stakeholders, and eliminate the need to maintain multiple spreadsheets.

The Solution

VSCO explored compensation tools that could help them maintain and evolve their compensation practices over time as the company grows. Specifically, VSCO was looking for a system with the following requirements:


VSCO was looking for a trusted partner. Beyond a new system, the team wanted a partner to help them work through unforeseen questions, like how to approach location-based compensation.
Ease of Use
VSCO was seeking a system that could manage its compensation bands and be easy to use and update.
VSCO needed a way to share sensitive compensation information in an easy and secure way that engaged stakeholders more effectively than sharing a spreadsheet.
“Because of our commitment to fair and equitable pay, we have to be really confident in our system of levels and bands going into any employment offer. With Assemble, we gained more confidence in our system and trust that our offers are fair, equitable, and competitive.”
Shannon Toomey, Recruiting Manager
Partnership Impact
By partnering with Assemble, the VSCO team was able to reevaluate important aspects of their compensation practices and develop new ones.

Before teaming up with Assemble, the process for updating their compensation practice was very time-consuming, sharing data outside of the People Ops team was an administrative burden, and the team did not have a policy for how to pay outside of their core markets.
Through a trusted relationship with Assemble, VSCO was able to easily update their compensation policies and comp bands with participation from key stakeholders and in less time. VSCO now uses Assemble’s system to easily share compensation information with stakeholders and make compensation decisions, including for non-core markets, that are consistent with their compensation philosophy and policies.

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